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The Tribez 1.68

The Tribez 1.68 Free Download

free download

Develop your own village in wild nature


Get into the exotic world of The Tribez helping native stone-age people from a parallel universe to build new cities and ensure the population is happy. This title, developed by Game Insight, is really similar to other city-builders available for mobile systems such as Android and iOS, basing its main features in being dynamic and with lots of additional content with a single download.

The plot for the game is pretty simple, with no more excuses than a professor and his team having discovered a new universe and they want you to investigate and help its inhabitants. You will be immediately directed to The Tribez world in a specially crafted bathyscaphe, which seems totally legit for crossing universes. Once you get there, you will be received as the new chief of a humble village which must be built up to the greatest splendor ever seen.

The Tribez is a good release for spending your time trying to give the best for your people without an astonishing aspect.

The visual part shows well-animated and detailed characters that will act as helpers for your village management. The general aspect of the game brings a colorful world with charming people that will work for you in different stages. Graphics have that childish touch that makes The Tribez a good release for spending your time trying to give the best for your people without an astonishing aspect. It just does not try to be realistic, giving the player the opportunity of having a good time watching the little villagers gathering resources.

Your own city at its highest splendor
Your own city at its highest splendor

Create a civilization

The main purpose of the release is to build a city on one of the six available islands with different designs such as rainforest and snowy mountains. For creating your successful village, you will need to gather resources from nature. Working on the available terrain planting vegetables and collecting wood, gold and stone will give you the necessary elements for building up more than 100 different houses, warehouses and similar structures.

Variety is a great reason for playing this kind of game. In the case of The Tribez, there are more than 700 different quests in which you will be requested to provide resources to build certain kinds of structures like a coliseum. By completing these quests, you will gain experience for reaching higher levels that unblock further structures.

There are also neighboring enemies that will try to attack you. In order to defend against these attacks, you will have your loyal troops and your own pet dinosaur that will repel your foes. Additionally, you have the option of exploring near places for finding new resources and locations, which really enhances the experience with this kind of games available for download.

It is important to manage your resources
It is important to manage your resources

The Tribez 1.68 Features

Read about the main features of the app for Android and iOS:

  • Complete the more than 700 quests available in different environments for obtaining free resources and experience
  • Level up for building advanced structures and develop the village of your dreams
  • Get bonuses purchasing in-app extras for boosting your general production
  • Play alongside with your friends thanks to the Facebook compatibility and share your progress
  • Charming visual aspect with well-designed characters and stages

If you want additional details before the download of the game, feel free to check the official app website.

Use your dino-pet for patrolling
Use your dino-pet for patrolling

System Requirements

Check the minimum requirements for The Tribez:

  • Operating System: iOS 4.3 for iPhone and iPad, Android 2.2 for smartphones or later
  • Space on device: 62.8MB free space

free download


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